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Strategically Speaking

What Could Go Wrong?

What could go wrong? As an information security manager, I have often been asked that question. But, there are two ways it is asked.

The first is my preferred way. It is a genuine effort to identify and evaluate the risk associated with the item at hand. That is a conversation I want to have. That is a thought process I want to encourage.

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The Office of the CIO (OCIO) employed a thorough, objective and tested process which allowed us to accelerate our strategic sourcing project. The partner selection and subsequent implementation saved Adaptec more than $4 Million.

-Tim Hanrahan; CIO, Adaptec



Shaping the new CIO role with a tough new curriculum

Dean Lane CIO

Dean Lane, the Founder of the Office of the CIO, was recently interviewed by SearchCIO about the role of the CIO.